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Bobbi Goldin, director of The Yoga Institute of Miami and the qualified staff have been teaching Iyengar style Hatha Yoga in the South Miami area since 1978.

Our bright, well equipped studio and friendly classes are designed to help you grow stronger, more elastic, and increase your stamina. A healthy, aware body and a calm, aware mind enhance the quality of life.


Bobbi GoldinBobbi Goldin has been the director since 1978. She was certified as Intermediate Junior III, by Mr. Iyengar, in 1983. She feels it vital that "We do Yoga to quiet the mind and soothe the heart, so each day is a gift". Bobbi is known to teach with great support, challenge and humor, so everyone's needs are met. She has been a T.M. practitioner since 1994 and continues to be a student of Yoga and life. She is strongly influenced by Ramanand Patel and John Schumacher.

Jeaneen Bell Jeaneen Bell is an Intermediate Junior I Certified Iyengar Instructor, who has studied, practiced and taught yoga for over 44 years. Here extensive training and experience includes studying with the Iyengar family in 2009. She continues to seek new knowledge by attending teacher training sessions with Senior Iyengar teachers. She welcomes all levels of students and is attentive to special needs.

Diane Beverly Diane Beverley has attended and taught our classes since 1997. She blends patience, humor, and clarity to make classes special for all. "Yoga brings strength and flexibility to the body, harmony AND BALANCE to our daily lives, enhancing the physical, emotional and spiritual self."

Tora Bueno Tora Bueno has been practicing yoga since 1994. Her teaching path began at the Yoga Institute of Miami in 2011. She passed her Iyengar Introductory I/II certification in 2018. Tora is grateful to all her teachers and the gift of Iyengar Yoga, making her teaching attentive, joyful and challenging.

Valerie DeWitt Valerie DeWitt has practiced yoga since the early 80's. She started her training with Bobbi in 2001. She enjoys sharing the blessings of Yoga with adults, and delights in her work with children. As a Certified YogaKids Teacher (CYKT), she offers programs for children ages 5-17 and YogaKids workshops for adults. In addition to her teaching, she volunteers with Mindful Kids Miami, who's mission is to bring mindfulness training in schools across Miami-Dade County. Valerie offers a Mindfulness Monthly practice session at the Yoga Institute.

Chris EllenbergChris Ellenberg has been a physical therapist since 1983. She began practicing yoga in 2001 and completed our Teacher Training Course in 2012. Chris believes that yoga is beneficial to all, regardless of age, physical ability or body type. She enjoys the physical energy and mental clarity that come from regular asana practice.

Lee LahlaLee Lahla is an Iyengar Certified Introdutory I/II Instructor. Her yoga journey began in 2000. She embraced her practice and by 2007 had begun her teacher training courses and assisting in classes.  Lee has been teaching since 2009. "I love to inspire the students and observe them grow and evolve in their yoga journeys." Lee continues to study and attend workshops with senior Iyengar instructors.

Nivine Rophael Nivine Rophael began teaching yoga in 2014. In 2018 she earned her Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher I/II (CIYT). She believes Yoga is a powerful healing force that transforms pain, and credits Iyengar Yoga specifically with healing her spinal injuries. Nivine considers herself to be a student of yoga, as well as an instructor. She is always excited to learn new skills and tools to better assist and guide students. Her classes are fun and energetic. Her patient, methodical style of teaching works well with both beginners and more seasoned yogis. She encourages students towards continuous progress, regardless of ability. She is studying Ayurveda digestion to help integrate diet with a yoga practice.

Joyce SandersJoyce Sanders has been practicing Yoga for over 19 years. She has taught adults for 14 years and children for 9 years. She has experienced first hand how a regular Yoga practice can lead to a calmer, stronger, and more flexible mind and body. Joyce has studied with many senior Yoga instructors and is a certified YogaKids teacher, (CYKT). She has completed Level I certification as a Yoga Therapist. In addition to teaching at the Yoga Institute of Miami, she teaches children at several private schools.

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8241 SW 124 Street, Miami, Fl. 33156. When on U.S. 1, turn east onto SW 124 Street; on your left is a small shopping plaza; look for our Yoga sign. Parking is easy and secure. Security is not a problem.