Sanibel Information

45th Sanibel Escape
Sanibel Island

Spring - , 2024
with Bobbi Goldin

Sanibel Island Retreat

Bowman Sunset Since the early 1980's Yoga Miami - Bobbi Goldin has been bringing folks together to share Yoga and time on an island that welcomes all with open arms. The Gulf of Mexico is warm and calm for us. The sand is white, smooth and covered with amazing shells of all sizes and shapes, some with shy creatures living inside. The air is sweet with aromas of nature. Stars are so bright that walking the beach at night rarely requires a flashlight. The Iyengar Yoga sessions are intentionally designed to keep us in tune with the harmony of ourselves and the glorious nature around us... for a whole week. This combination has brought people back for this course year after year. So, for the 45th time, this is an invitation to join a congenial group in rejuvenating mentally, physically and emotionally with Yoga and nature. If it is safe, come and explore with me, Bobbi, Yoga and nature on Sanibel Island, Spring - , 2024. The decision on whether it is safe to the hold the retreat this year will be announced soon.

The Yoga Course

All levels will be encouraged to stimulate their minds and bodies by expanding known boundaries and letting go from the INSIDE. This internal acceptance brings calmness to the mind as we gain confidence and self-assuredness. The Iyengar Method of Hatha Yoga will be the basis of the course, which includes balancing flexibility with strength, building endurance and refining our bodies with correct alignment; passive poses and reclining pranayama. Previous experience is not required. Please bring a Yoga "sticky mat" and a sturdy belt, along with an open mind and sense of humor. We will have mats and belts for sale; the mind and humor must come with you. Classes are held in a bright Hall, which is biking, walking or driving distance (2 miles) from our beach housing. Between classes there is time for biking (rentable), and all kinds of beach and water sports. Massage therapists will be available for our group. We will be fortunate to have Jane Barrett assisting in our yoga sessions. Jane has been teaching and practicing Iyengar Yoga for more than thirty years and is known for her knowledge of Yoga, as well as her good nature. Jane is the Director of the Raleigh Yoga Center in North Carolina. Evenings are free time with optional planned events. Catch the magnificent sunsets at Blind Pass between Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

Bobbi Goldin

Bobbi at Rosie's Bobbi has studied with Mr. B.K.S.Iyengar in India. He certified her Junior Intermediate. She is committed to the promotion of the highest quality Yoga practice and education possible. Bobbi believes it is vital to remember this: "We do Yoga to quiet the mind and soothe the heart. When we are physically and mentally strong, elastic and stable, the quality of life is high and then each day is a gift." Bobbi is known for her ability to individualize in her classes so everyone's needs are met and each feels personally touched. She is strongly influenced by Ramanand Patel and John Schumacher.

Location, Housing, Meals

Bobbi at Rosie's Sanibel Island is on the west coast of Florida. If flying into Ft. Myers, it is an easy taxi ride to Sanibel Island. We rent charming condos right on the beach with a fresh water pool. Each unit has a/c, tv, phone, full linens and a complete kitchen with washer and dryer and easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. All the convenience, few responsibilities. The Island is known for its variety of restaurants of all types and all prices. Many feature excellent local seafood. The food markets are well stocked to meet everyone's dietary needs. Casual clothing is the general fare to go most everywhere. Sanibel and Captiva Islands are bird sanctuaries to be explored on foot, by kayak or on wheels.